Hello !  I am your photographer Gary, and this is my family

We specialize (and totally love) photographing families and children, and we want you to have some fun, so expect to see some silly faces, weird dances and maybe some old cheesy phrases. We want you to ENJOY and try to relax!  We help you make it fun and easy.

SO....how does it work ????

After you secure your date with a retainer and signed agreement, Shari will work with you to go over the details; questions you may have about location, clothing etc..  During the session, we work with you & your family at a relaxed pace, coming up with ideas as we go along.  No two families are the same, so each session is tailored to what works for you. We will get a variety of shots;  then afterward, we narrow down your images to the “best of the best”, all depending on the session - weeding out "eye blinks", unflattering looks, etc.  We usually post a sneak peek to Facebook based on your preference, and we may even use a photo or two on our website at some point to show off our work to others.

You can expect your online gallery to be ready in about 2 weeks time. This can vary during busy holiday seasons.

Most of our sessions are done outdoors, usually in the late afternoon to early evening when we have good natural light which is always the most flattering. Sessions can also be done in your home as long as there is sufficient natural lighting from large windows.